Digital Kiosk

Customers love to have options; whether selecting the perfect product from your shelves or choosing between different, convenient payment options, it is important to give them the opportunity to find what they are looking for. Self-service kiosks can make the retail experience at your store more interactive and personalized for your customers. From providing a convenient way to let customers pay for their purchases, to giving them a place to look up information about your store’s products and inventory, these kiosks mean increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

digital kiosk

Digital Signage

Digital signage is defined as a “remotely managed digital display typically tied in with sales, advertising and marketing” or as “a network of electronic displays that are centrally managed and individually addressable for the display of text, animated or video messages for advertising, information, entertainment and merchandising to targeted audiences”

Web & SEO

Ceate for you a Beautiful, Modern and Affordable website for any sized business and help you to be the first one in web searches.
Easy To Use – Easy Navigation Interface – Drag and Drop Editing – Mobile Responsive – SEO Optimized
Website SEO

Mobile App

A mobile application, most commonly referred to as an app, is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. Mobile applications frequently serve to provide users with similar services to those accessed on PCs. Apps are generally small, individual software units with limited function.

Video Wall

The next generation of video wall displays is designed with the industry’s narrowest bezels and advanced alignment solutions. Fully exploit your impactful signage content with ultra-narrow bezel displays, and make sure your message does not get lost in thick bezels.

Virtual Hostess

Virtual Hostess

The Virtual Hostess is a tool that is innovative on a global scale and allows to present products or services at the sales point without having to engage actual hostesses and promoters.

3D Hologram

Holography is the next stage of photography and conventional film and its three-dimensionality creates completely new possibilities for use, such as for product presentation. A 3D hologram displays products, objects, and animated sequences three-dimensionally and enables seemingly real objects or animations to appear to float completely freely in space.

Our Goal

One of the main goals of Parsian Mehr Co. is to establish a close relationship between the people’s lives with the technology of the day, to improve the quality of services in different areas, save time, cost and, finally, ease in meeting the needs of the MTT technology.

Using a dynamic and expert team in a variety of fields, the company has consistently been focused on localizing MTT technology as a major step toward supporting national production and self-sufficiency in the field of modern technology in the technology era. Rawa has also produced successful successful projects in government agencies and private organizations.

Awesome design

As a complete service, our creative agency faces all the latest trends and changes.
All our work is modern, clean and designed for your satisfaction.


The strength of Parsian Company is in production

The design is based on your request and is designed in 3D, and will be fabricated after approval with your desired material






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